Ano ang mas pinapanood ninyo?

Wednesday, February 20, 2013


LAST Valentine’s Day ay na-bad trip siguro itong si Iya Villania.

Kasi naman, binastos daw siya noong mismong Araw ng mga Puso. By whom? Well, hindi niya sinabi pero nagpahiwatig siyang nabastos na siya.

“Felt so sorry for my mum awhile ago as she watched someone treat me rudely today… She cried just glad it’s over… Never again,” tweet ni Iya during Valentine’s Day.

“Just feel so sorry for everyone that has to work with you… Terrible having to work with anyone in fear! Hope you wake up b4 it’s too late,” she added.

Apparently, the incident happened when she was hosting sa Valentine’s Day celebration sa Ayala Triangle Gardens.

“On that note, just glad we got thru, I’m still alive and there’s still tmrw! cheers to better days, people ,” she tweeted.

Sinex kaya ang nambastos kay Iya sa araw pa naman ng mga puso?
JoKer DeTor
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