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Sunday, November 11, 2012

ZENDEE ROSE TENERFE Nag React Na Sa Mga Pahayag Nang Nanay Ni CHARICE!!!

ZENDEE Rose Tenerefe only has good words for Charice, whose mom allegedly expressed dismay over “unfair“ comparisons made between the two Filipina singing sensations.

“Doon ko nalang po nabasa sa internet, pero sa Twitter hindi ko po nabasa,“ Tenerefe told dzMM.

Tenerefe is referring to Raquel Pempengco, Charice’s mother, who reportedly took to microblogging site Twitter to rant about observations that the “X Factor“ judge has been upstaged by the more recent internet sensation.

Like Charice, Tenerefe earned widespread recognition after a video of her singing went viral on video-sharing site YouTube.

And like the “Little Big Star“ runner-up, Tenerefe also made her American television debut via “The Ellen DeGeneres show.“

Addressing the supposed tiff between her and Charice over the alleged “rant,“ Tenerefe said that she simply does not measure up to the achievements of the “X Factor“ mentor.

“Wala naman po kasi [akong masasabi tungkol diyan]. Si Charice po kasi, ano na naman po `yun talaga, kasi totoo naman po na iba na po talaga si Charice,“ Tenerefe said.

“Atsaka Chaster po ako eh, isa po ako sa mga tagahanga ni Charice,“ added Tenerefe, whose “X Factor Philippines“ audition was the first time she met her idol.

“Chaster“ is the term used by followers of Charice to identify themselves as her fans.

“Alam niya po `yon,“ Tenerefe said, explaining that Charice knows of her being a fan.

“Noong nag-join po ako sa `X Factor’ sinabi ko po mismo sa kanya.“

Early this month, Pempengco’s Twitter handle, KayeChaCarl, was quoted as saying, “Ano ba naman yang mga balita na `yan.“

“I-compare ang anak ko sa singer na kumanta lang eh taob na daw…nayakap lang taob na.“

“’Di ba pwedeng mayakap muna sila ni Aling Oprah (Winfrey)? Ni Aling Celine (Dion)? At lumabas sa `Glee’? At kumanta sa Madison (Square) Garden? At mapasama sa Chipmunks, maging top 4 sa BILLBOARD? Magkaroon ng `Here Come’s the Boom’? Bago itaob?“ the Twitter account added, referring to Charice’s high-profile projects in the United States.
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