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Wednesday, November 7, 2012


A roster of time-tested comedians including Epi and Vandolph Quizon, Ai Ai Delas Alas and Richard Gomez will visit “Toda Max” every Saturday beginning November 10 to December 1 for the month-long anniversary celebration of the sitcom.

Their first anniversary celebration with the theme “Tribute to ABS-CBN Comedy Shows” gives a hats-off to the unforgettable comedy shows of ABS-CBN. “If it weren’t for the inspiration given to us by these shows, I believe Toda Max won’t be this successful,” said Vhong Navarro who plays as the cook Justin Bibbo in the sitcom.

“We also want to thank the supporters of Toda Max. Without them, we wouldn’t have made the show last this long and we wouldn’t have won in the CMMA,” added Vhong.

Robin Padilla who is one of the lead stars said that they promise to continually impart moral values and laughter in every episode.

Meanwhile, to begin the month-long celebration of “Toda Max”, Epi and Vandolph Quizon will take the center stage this Saturday (November 10). The Quizon brothers will play as Tim and Tom, the cooks that Tol (Robin Padilla) hired for the catering business he shares with his cousin Justin.

A conflict between the cousins will arise though as Justin has already hired Tatay Mac (Al Tantay), the father of his girlfriend Isabel (Angel Locsin) as cook. When Tatay Mac finds out about the two new cooks, he will immediately resign and this will cause a split up between lovers Isabel and Justin.
How will the cousins resolve this conflict and what will Justin do to win back his darling Isabel? Find out on “Toda Max” this Saturday (October 10) after “Maalaala Mo Kaya” on ABS-CBN.


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