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Saturday, October 13, 2012

Top 10 Hottest Male Bodies in Showbiz (2012 Edition) From

10. Mikael Daez
Hot for: his sex cuts
His gorgeous body may be the first thing people notice, but there's more to this hottie than rock-hard abs and a sculpted chest; he's athletic, hardworking, and very intelligent (read his column “Fully Loaded” in The Philippine Star)—a quality that's pretty sexy on its own. Though he's a familiar figure in fashion shows and commercials, Mikael gained widespread recognition when he joined the cast of Temptation Island (2011), and wore mostly, well, nothing, throughout the entire film.

9. Enrique Gil
Hot for: his tushy
He's only 19 but Enrique is out to prove that he's no longer a tween, showing off his, er, derriere at the last Cosmo Bachelor Bash. A lucky audience member even had the privilege of pouring honey all over his exposed body. “I'm not getting any younger,” a bemused Gil explained when asked why he went the sexy route.

8. Markki Stroem
Hot for: his height
This Pilipinas Got Talent finalist has more than a sexy singing voice—he's got the body to match, too. In a March 2011 interview, Markki describes his workout simply: “I run in the morning. Sometimes, I swim. I lift weights. I box on Sundays. I used to do triathlons when I was a kid and I'm going back to it now.”

7. Rocco Nacino
Hot for: his lean frame
He may have missed the top spot in Starstruck V, but Rocco is proving he's no loser when it comes to the muscles. In a article in 2011, Rocco described his metabolism as “mabilis tumaba, mabilis pumayat,” but a love for sports (basketball) and martial arts (Muay Thai, judo, Ju Jitsu) keeps him in tiptop shape.

6. Victor Basa
Hot for: those shoulders
Despite issues about his sexuality, Victor has kept his confidence high, his mystery intact, and his abs well-toned. Victor, under his girlfriend's (socialite Divine Lee) influence, has dabbled in TRX, a workout that utilizes suspension training. He also plays soccer, goes wakeboarding, and even skateboarding.

5. JC Tiuseco
Hot for: his pecs
Being declared one of Regal's Most Desirable Men last May should be enough indication of exactly how steaming hot JC is. His buff bod, however, is an aspirational sum of painful hours at the gym and a very strict diet. For his TV series Sisid, JC hit the gym almost every single day for a month. “‘Yong diet ko, puro healthy talaga. No carbs. Brown rice. Tapos tinigil ko talaga ang meat ko noon,” he told

4. Paulo Avelino
Hot for: his biceps
That shy smile doesn't fool anybody. Take away his boy-next-door facade and you'll find the sexy cutie that he really is. At 5'11” and weighing a solid 152 pounds, Paulo isn't coy about his ripped bod. In an article in The Philippine Star, he even explained his reluctance about photo-editing, saying “I don't need to, do I?”

3. Enchong Dee
Hot for: his swimmer's body
He may not be as bulky as the rest of the Adonises on this list but this Candy and Cosmo regular can smoothly shift from twee heartthrob to sizzling hunk. A swimmer since youth, Enchong has that perfectly lean-but-chiseled, v-shaped torso and those toned arms that are just so darn good to look at. Apart from swimming, this gold medalist also dips his muscles in running, badminton and triathlons. His favorite body part is his chest. He told Manila Bulletin in 2010: “Kapag tumataba ako, kapag bakasyon, chest lang ‘yong natitira, ‘yong tiyan lumalaki kasi.”

2. Borgy Manotoc
Hot for: his washboard abs
Borgy's appeal doesn't come from his chiseled jaw line, his washboard abs, his long and toned legs, and his sexy tan. It's that smoldering glare; that seemingly devil-may-care attitude intensified by his cool sense of style. Despite an apparently active social life (read: partying), Borgy still manages to keep his body lean and, well, delicious. His secret? Balance. A Philippine Star article published in December quoted him saying: “I love to eat and have a good time. It's just a matter of compensating for the bad with a little good once in a while,” adding that he works out “occasionally.”

1. Xian Lim
Hot for: the whole package
At six feet and two inches, Xian stands out from most crowds. But then again that could be because of his mestizo features, muscular frame, good-natured disposition, and his uncanny resemblance to Edward Cullen (the character, and not Rob-Pat). Before he was bitten by the acting bug, Xian initially wanted to be a professional ballplayer, which explains his chiseled physique at such a young age. Fortunately, the muscles came in handy when he decided to pursue show business full time.


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