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Monday, October 8, 2012

Extra Challenge airs on October 27 with Richard Gutierrez and Marian Rivera (VIDEO)

Six years ago when reality competition shows like Survivor, Fear Factor and The Amazing Race ruled the boob tube, there was one brave show which proved that Filipinos to create the same- Extra Challenge. No need to copy or buy a franchise, it insisted, and perhaps, it will go down in history as one of the most successful original Filipino innovation on television. Good news, it's back!

Extra Challenge, one of the very few TV shows who got as high as 48% in ratings share, will boasts more stunts, drama, star power and all things extraordinary as it goes back on air starting October 27 on GMA 7. It will be bannered by the successful adventure tandem of Richard Gutierrez and Marian Rivera.

A few online writers were given the chance to visit the set for the first few episodes of the show and interview the two popular hosts yesterday, October 7. Despite the lack of rest, Marian and Richard were all beaming with excitement when we asked them a few details about the revived show.

"Alam namin gaano ka successful 'yung first so kailangan namin higitan 'yun. Ginawa namin mas iba para mas naging nakakaaliw sa mga audience", Richard Gutierrez said. "This time hindi lang isa ang challenge na ibibigay namin sa mga guest. At hindi lang basta basta challenges ito", Marian, meanwhile, declared.

To recall, Extra Challenge started as a news magazine show titled "Extra! Extra!" which was hosted then from 1999 to 2000 by Paolo Bediones and Karen Davila. Karen was replaced by Miriam Quiambao until 2003. The show evolved to a reality competition format in 2003 named as "Extra Challenge" and Ethel Booba was added as one of the hosts in 2004. The show wrapped up in May of 2006. And after 6 years, GMA 7 is airing it back and this time, it is scheduled to rule the weekends.

Richard is being briefed by staff before he flies an ultralight aircraft

Extra Challenge staff also experienced flying the ultralight aircraft

Marian confirmed that all guests who will do the challenges are all celebrities. She also shared that her guesting in Richard Gutierrez's show "Pinoy Adventures" may have paved the way to her being offered as one of the hosts. "Nakitaan kami ng magandang chemistry kaya masasabi ko na ganun siya nagstart", she shared. "Si Chard nandun na talaga siya eh. Ako yung extra!", she added with a laugh.

For his part, Richard Gutierrez declared that his style of hosting for Extra Challenge this time will be more fun as compared to the serious and intense tone for Survivor: Philippines. "Di masyadong seryoso. E-enjoy ko 'rin ang pagiging host ko dito. Mas lighter ang atmosphere and we are just having fun.", he narrated.

The show's producers declined to preempt the show by revealing the first batch of celebrity guests but they divulged that this return of Extra Challenge is going to be "more expensive" than the first version.

Staying home on the weekends doesn't mean there will be less adventures. Extra Challenge will provide you with all the excitement you need starting October 27 on GMA 7!

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