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Sunday, November 9, 2008

Marian Rivera hangs clouds on Boy Abunda’s credibility

Marian Rivera hangs clouds on Boy Abunda’s credibility

CERTAINLY the triangle between Karylle – Dingdong Dantes – Marian Rivera hasn’t been cleared up until the real score is settled in this issue.

While it would be easy for Dingdong to say yes or no to the intriguing question, the matinee idol seems to be hanging to something.

There were even issues that Marian and the boyfriend broke up because the former chose a project that the latter wasn’t agreeing to.

A lot of speculations have all been brought up. Is this just mere hang ups ‘til Dingdong and Marian’s movie comes out?

In the Buzz last week with the segment P.O.V. which stands for Points, Opinions, and Violent Reactions, host Boy Abunda claimed he knew “Ervik,” the non-showbiz boyfriend of Marian.

Kris Aquino, who is one of the hosts in the said segment, was able to talk to Popoy Caritativo (Marian’s manager), whom she knew and asked if he could ask Marian if Marian’s boyfriend really knew Boy. The star of “Dyesebel” denied that Boy knew her non-showbiz boyfriend.

Such comment made Boy reacted surprised that came for the host to tell his sentiments directly towards Marian and Popoy. Boy has been here in showbiz for years and has worked hard to where he is now. “Hindi kawalan na kilala ko si Ervik. Hindi kabawasan o karangalan na kakilala ko si Ervik.” Adding on to his statements that knowing the latter is not that important that it should be put on his bio-data. He just met the guy once or twice. He didn’t even know that he was the boyfriend of Marian.

“He’s not the kind of guy who flaunts” as per Boy. “Whether he admits it or not, I’m really sorry. I don’t care.”

He adds saying that “hindi lahat ng kakilala ni Ervik, kakilala ni Marian and Popoy.” In showbiz, there are a lot of questions on who knows who. Having been acquainted with someone results in the saying I know that particular person. Here, close friends are entirely different in the saying, “I know the guy.” Such relationships are hard to differentiate thus sometimes, people get questioned.

“It was not an accident into where I am today, I worked hard for it,” says Boy. Yes, Boy Abunda is Boy Abunda. He has been in showbiz for so many years now. He has gained a lot of trust from “friends” and the viewers nationwide. He has great knowledge of the industry.

Meanwhile, Dingdong and Karylle finally revealed that they have broken up. But not at the same time as they have planned, but on separate occasions although they did plan to meet with Ricky Lo of Philippine Star to whom they decided to reveal the sad news.

Rumors are widespread that Dingdong and Marian has been sweet in the set of their movie “One True Love.” But Dingdong is consistent in saying that Marian had nothing to do with his relationship with Karylle going to naught.

Are they playing games with the public as to what the truth is? Just asking.

JoKer DeTor
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