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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Zoren’s surprise birthday gift to Carmina

Zoren’s surprise birthday gift to Carmina

MANILA, Philippines—Most show biz unions are only good until it LUSTS. Carmina Villaroel and Zoren Legazpi are an exception to that.

“Zoren and I can talk about anything under the sun,” Mina beamed. “To this day, he makes poems for me on post-it notes which he sticks all over our place. Even when he’s busy, he would stop whatever he’s doing when I make lambing to him to massage my feet.”

Zoren gifted Mina with a gold bracelet when she turned 33 last August. “I was really surprised because he never gave me jewelry. Naka-engrave: 81708, PRO 19:14, Love Tatay.”

Love advice she would give her twins Mavy and Cassy when they’re old enough? “Ay! Kung pwede lang, Zoren and I don’t want our kids to fall in love!”

Mamma Mina! Now she really knows. My! My! She could never let her twins go.

JoKer DeTor
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