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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Watch out, Kris Aquino

Watch out, Kris Aquino
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KRIS Aquino is known to be “metikulosa” and perfectionist. But what is this in her show “Deal or No Deal” that she tends not to check her shots. I don’t know if she previews all her takes. But from the looks of it, she doesn’t. That is judging from the shots alone.

If she does, how come she allows the camera to shoot from her behind as it zooms in revealing her “balakang” in full view. Worse, her pantyline shows. No thanks to those tight-fitting gowns she wears in the show.

I observe that the local version applies the same camera shots as those of its US counterpart. Maybe, that’s part of the agreement. But the director of the former should not make Kris a laughing stock with all those shots. After all, Kris deserves the best shots.

Everybody knows how Kris deals with her mom’s health condition. It’s so hard for a “bunso” like her to see her mom suffering. But, admirably, Kris knows how to separate her personal and professional life. When she is on camera, she is Kris Aquino the celebrity. And when she is off camera, she is Kris the loving daughter, doting mother and loving wife.

Meanwhile, it seems that Kris has been less conscious of her looks on camera. As cited above, she has become complacent. Has this anything to do with her personal problems? Just asking.

JoKer DeTor
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