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Monday, September 8, 2008

Luis Manzano doesn’t mind his dad remarrying

Luis Manzano doesn’t mind his dad remarrying

In a recent interview, Edu Manzano spoke of this ‘wonderful woman’ in his life who is inspiring him and taking very good care of him.Although without naming who she is, the actor-TV host also spoke of the great relationship between this ‘woman’ and his three then asked eldest son Luis Manzano on what he can say about the current status of Edu’s love life.

“I believe my dad has a significant other.It’s safe to say that besides his children there is someone inspiring my dad.We are in very good terms, kami ng significant other ni dad.” said Luis.Rumor claims that Edu’s current romance is his Umagang Kay Ganda co-host and ABS-CBN News reporter Pinky Webb.But both Edu and Pinky have yet to confirm anything aside from their relationship as friends and colleagues.

Now that his mother Governor Vilma Santos is happily married with former senator Ralph Recto, Luis also welcomes the possibility of his father tying the knot with his current ‘significant other.’ “Any child would want their parents to be happy.In my case my parents chose to go their separate ways.My mom now has Tito Ralph.I would love if my dad decides to get married.I would love someone besides the children to take care of my dad.” Luis explained.

Edu will celebrate his birthday this September 15, and the loving son that he is, Luis revealed his best wishes for his dad.“The best way to describe him is like a phoenix.Suddenly he was able to resurrect himself.He has the number one game show (Pilipinas, Game K N B?).All of the success came pouring in again.I wish him more projects kung kakayanin pa ng schedule niya.I wish him all the blessings, kung ano pang kailangan niya, sana ibigay sa kanya ni Lord.” But is Luis actually planning to surprise his father on his birthday with a special present?“Sa dami ng utang sa akin ni daddy siguro hindi na (jokes).My dad is one of those people na napakadali and at the same time napakahirap regaluhan.Napakadali kasi he is able to appreciate anything.Napakahirap kasi he as everything na.Pero dapat mapanood ng mga tao ‘yung surprise sa kanya ng Pilipinas, Game K N B?

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