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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

JC Tiuseco won Survivor Philippines?

JC Tiuseco won Survivor Philippines?

have been the Survivor Philippines winner or the Pinoy Sole Survivor. Staff of Survivor Philippines daw was overheard to have said, “Si JC! Siya ang Pinoy Sole Survivor.” Although this piece of news is plain hearsay, only time will tell on who really is telling the truth. If true that JC Tiuseco won Survivor Philippines, then he deserves it though. But i don’t think this kind of tactic of spoiling a top secret reality show supposed results is fair. Plus the fact that i don’t think this supposed website who bannered that headline even knows how Survivor is played. From my recollection, I’ve watched the first two seasons of Survivor (USA) with Jeff Probst, the Survivor winner (Sole Survivor) is announced during a live telecast when only two castaways are left and only at that point does anyone know the results! They may have overheard some overeager fans of JC Tiuseco and they mistook them for the staff ( my guess ). Anyway, this is what Showbizjuice has posted:
IT seems kulang sa confidentiality clause between GMA 7 management and its production staff.
Sa usapan ng ilang staff ng programa sa isang coffee shop, walang pakialam na ikinuwento ng isang taklesang staff ang nangyayari sa Survivor.
Ang pinaka-shocking revelation ng tsikahan ng staff na hindi napalampas ng source ng ay ang pangalan ng winner ng reality show.
Si JC! Siya ang Pinoy Sole Survivor.
Here’s the profile of JC that we got from a website:
John Carlo “JC” Tiuseco (Hardcourt Heartthrob)JC, 23, is a hunky basketball heartthrob of San Sebastian University. When he was younger, he was very passionate about basketball and dreamed of becoming a professional player. But as he grew older, JC discovered that he has a lot more potential to make it beyond the hardcourt.
Banking on his athleticism and good looks, JC is sure that he has a good chance to capture the ladies’ hearts and to bag the coveted title of Sole Survivor.
Survivor Philippines is airing barely 2 weeks. We hate to spoil the excitement by revealing the big winner.
Imby ka ba sa news, then just ogle at these Shirtless Hunks of Survivor Philippines, LOL.

Source: Get It From Boy

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