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Monday, August 4, 2008

Sweet memories in Greece

Sweet memories in Greece

Sweet memories in Greece ...

If the sticky-as-glue glances, the arm that wraps around her waist and the occasional resting of his hand on her knee are the bases that there's something going on between Richard Gutierrez and KC Concepcion other than their on-screen love affair in their first team up, For The First Time, it must be the real thing between the two stars.

But Richard and KC still hide the real score between them. Their 10-day stay in romantic Santorini, Greece for the shoot of some of the movie's scenes is proof of their closeness. They discovered things about each other, something they did not find out the first time they met in a party years back.

"We have really grown closer in Greece and because of that we feel so comfortable to share secrets with each other. It was really a great time to know KC well. All we had were fun, adventurous moments," Richard says.

He even gave their closeness a 9.8 rating that seemed to surprise KC. But what's most important to them are the memories of their enjoyable, adventurous and romantic moments in Greece. It is both their first time to set foot on the land of azure waters and picturesque islands. That's why KC excitedly shares her experiences in the storied place.

"You can really see what a typical guy does when he gets excited in a new place. It reflects how adventurous Richard is as he wants to try everything. He even rented a speed boat there," KC shares.

They enjoyed the scenic view while treating themselves to tasty wine.

"What reminds me about Greece is the lava necklace that my friends gave me. It's so nice and special. So when we arrived in Santorini, the first thing we did is look for it and I gave one to Richard," KC says.

In turn, Richard also gave her one as a souvenir. KC even bought him another necklace with special markings on it and he, too, gave her a bracelet with the same sign embedded on it that the audience will see when the movie opens in theaters on Aug. 27.

"The drawings on the necklace and bracelet have special meaning," Richard teases. "For us, they are for someone special."

Unforgettable, too, was when KC and Richard realized how heavy each roll of film the production crew has to carry during location shootings.

"We are only few, so we have to help in carrying things we need. KC really tried her best to lift some and bring them to the set. She always even makes an effort to help prepare our food and bring some for me. I really admired her for that," Richard says, to which KC reasons that that was the best excuse to wake him up and be on the set on time.

But what Richard vividly remembers was the applause they got from the tourists watching them during their kissing scenes and of course, the lips that he kissed.

"I was astonished because I didn't expect that people were watching us. But KC has the softest lips I've ever kissed," Richard relates.

And everyone should see how for the first time, two stars from rival networks team up for a movie project that almost everyone thought impossible.

"We did everything to realize this project. We believed everything will happen if we are really determined to do it," KC offers. "This is a proof na pwede magkabati lahat. It doesn't matter what camp are you from because all of us here did this for the movie and I hope it will not end here," KC continues.

"Up to now our spirits are high in realizing our vision to one day the two networks get to work together," Richard adds.

For the First Time is part of Star Cinema's 15th anniversary celebration and KC's launching movie. It is directed by Joyce Bernal

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