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Monday, August 25, 2008

Piolo: Work it, boy!

Piolo: Work it, boy!

Piolo Pascual

For weeks, his absence in the much-anticipated and controversial flesh-cum-fashion show Bench Blackout was the talk of the town. Why, of all the actor-models signed to hawk the brand, was it only Piolo Pascual who didn’t show up? A case of an inner diva getting in the way of all that fleshy fun? In several interviews following the show, he mentioned that joining the Bench biennial disrobing event was the exception he asked when he signed on to lend his face and his body to the company. He reasoned out that although he has done rather risque sittings for TV and print commercials and publicity shoots, along with movies and soaps that sometimes required him to show a generous amount of skin, he still feels uncomfortable doing so on the runway.

Adding to that is his being a devoted Born-Again Christian.

He didn’t mention it but, obviously, the image of Pascual strutting down the runway half-naked can trigger lots of evil, carnal desires among his legion of female and gay fans from all ages, religious beliefs, political ideologies (women working for left-leaning NGOs have been known to act like silly high-school girls whenever he’s on TV) and social status.

We can say that such was the reaction one recent Saturday evening at the Music Hall of SM Mall of Asia, when Pascual walked the ramp—fully clothed—with dozens of Caucasian-looking half-naked male models. He also sang three songs, signed autographs and posed for pictures.

It was the launch of Bench’s new line of apparel and perfume, designed by and named after who, to many, is arguably the one and only national heartthrob.

The new line of clothing is called It Just Gets Better, while the perfume is Pure Passion: Piolo Pascual Eau de Toilette, which the actor-singer described as “the scent of passion.”

The idea of spraying the scent of Piolo Pascual on your body—however morbid that may literally sound—or having the same smell like he has, is very tempting, the perfect weapon to attract that person you want to spend the rest of your life—or at least for the night—with. Or, smelling like Piolo is as simple as feeling better than your neighbors who chose to save up and be content with using Green Cross Rubbing Alcohol and White Flower.

Going back to the launch, as expected, all the spaces were occupied at the Music Hall. We saw kids squeezing themselves in dangerous corners, like behind those fiberglass barriers in the second and third floors.

That night, Pascual was more than a showbiz heartthrob but, as many veteran gay members of the press described him, “a celebrated local fashion icon.”

Bench’s main man Ben Chan told the press that Pure Passion Eau de Toilette is the result of a remarkable collaboration between Pascual and his company.

For his part, Pascual thanked talent manager-society figure Keren Pascual (no relation) for introducing him to Chan to become one of the celebrity endorsers of the global retail company known for its apparel and lifestyle products.

More than the fragrance, Pascual was also honored with the exclusive It Just Gets Better clothing collection. And here’s the revelation of the night: He conceptualized all of them. Maybe he should consider going to New York to audition for a slot in the next season of the fab runaway hit reality series Project Runway.

The clothing line has two groups of tops: shirts and dressy polos. The emphasis is on clean and defined cuts, veering away from business-stiff and wacky-outrageous. The shirts, though, have splashes of colors and prints, perfect for the usual night out or a casual-smart moment. In a nutshell, the line fits the so-called modern gentleman who can swing both ways.

For a better description, just watch Piolo Pascual in his various TV appearances-shows in coming days, and you’ll get the drift.

BusinessMirror was able to pitch a few steaming questions at the reigning heartthrob-turned-perfume endorser-fashion designer.

Tell us about the Pure Passion Eau de Toilette, or Piolo Pascual the perfume.

It’s the scent of wanting and going for your dreams. I would say it’s me placed in a perfume bottle.

Specifically, how does it differ from other fragrances for men?

Pure Passion has perfume oil from Grasse, France, the perfume capital of the world. I am not an expert, but from what I know, the result is a fragrance with the perfect chemistry between musk and fruit. It’s neither overwhelming nor too sweet, making it suitable for any occasion. You can be wild, or prim and proper—depends on your mood.

How about It Just Gets Better, your designs and their target market?

My design targets the modern Filipino man who prioritizes style while seeking comfort, without compromising on quality, all the while adding a boost of confidence.

Why were you not in Bench Blackout?

Like what I’ve said before, it was never included in my contract. I never wanted to do it. It’s not just me. But still, I apologize to those who expected me to be there.

Among other concerns, let’s go to a more serious business, some highly philosophical questions, if you don’t mind.

Ok, go.

So how many girlfriends have you had?

(Giggles) More than a handful.

Specifically, say, about a dozen?

More than a dozen.

The longest relationship you had?

Four years.

Really, that’s long. With whom?

With the mother of my kid.

Have you ever been dumped?

(Thinks for a long time) Uhmmm, not officially.

How do you court a girl?

I’m very traditional...I go to her house. I send her roses. I send her flowers. I treat her like a princess.

For sure, you’ve received lots of indecent proposals?

(Giggling) Yes, you can say a lot. But nothing that I can’t handle.

Anything that you actually took?

(Laughs) Of course none. I wouldn’t want to.

Have you ever gone out with a fan? Outside work....

Not yet. I go to parties. I go to friends’ parties, but I’ve not really tried going out with someone who’s actually...hmmm...a fan.

What attracts you most about a woman?

Sincerity, faith...uhmm...and brains, of course.


Looking for it...I wouldn’t want to set a...requirement or a....For me, if it happens, it happens. I know she’s just around the corner. But I don’t know if I’ve seen her already. I’m still looking.

Boxers or briefs?

It depends...I guess both.

Are you a boob guy or a butt guy?

Uhmm...I’m a good guy. You can say that.

For my last question, I’m giving you the freedom not to comment, or give no answer at all. This you may find very difficult and heart-wrenching. Ok lang?

Ok, game.

So where can we find Pure Passion perfume and It Just Gets Better clothes?

All Bench outlets nationwide.

JoKer DeTor
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