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Thursday, August 21, 2008

“Pinoy Idol” in quandary?

“Pinoy Idol” in quandary?

WE don’t know if GMA-7 would still continue “Pinoy Idol” considering that it didn’t rate very well. In all honesty, we think they should just bring back “Pinoy Pop Superstar” which rated even higher and is a generally much more interesting show than “Pinoy Idol.” We were able to attend the finals of “Pinoy Pop” held at the Araneta Coliseum and it’s really filled to the rafters with the supporters of the various contestants, a clear indication that it’s well appreciated by viewers.

The first drawback of “Pinoy Idol” is that whoever handled the selection process made a booboo in choosing lackluster finalists. Sorry to say but none of the 12 finalists presented in the recently concluded show was able to generate that much excitement among the public. We remember someone quipping when they were first presented at Music Museum: “Wala na bang ibang makuha?”

Now that Gretchen Espina has been declared as the “Pinoy Idol” winner, let’s see if she’d be more successful in hitting it big than “Pinoy Pop Superstar” winners Jonalyn Viray, Gerald Santos and Maricris Garcia, none of whom has also emerged to be real big despite their regular exposure in “SOP” and having been given their own albums.

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My personal opinion in this issue:

See the irony there? The above article indeed concretized the fact that Pinoy Idol is a flop! But if you’re going to review the mega manila ratings, it even matched or outperformed Pinoy Dream Academy, which is far more talked-about & more exciting than pinoy idol! So here’s the irony & the BIG question mark: pinoy idol did NOT click among the pinoy audience, because indeed, it was BORING show - the host, contestants, & judges alike were uninteresting; but why did it perform fairly in the ratings game?? Once again & again, the brewing issue of tv ratings fraud committed by GMA7 crops up! Why did pinoy idol rate, when people disliked to watch it in the first place? Isn’t it IRONIC, or I must say, QUESTIONABLE??

Jonalyn, Gerald, Maricris? Who are they? Do they exist in Philippine showbiz?! No wonder, their career does not take off because to start with, they are with the home of ‘mga laos’ - GMA! Duh, obvious ba? They are already far far obliterated by the popularity & success of Erik Santos, Sheryn Regis, Christian Bautista, Yeng Constantino, Ronnie Lliang, & so many others…

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