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Monday, August 18, 2008

On Pinoy Dream Academy: It’s Iñaki vs. Miguel

On Pinoy Dream Academy: It’s Iñaki vs. Miguel

By Patty Ramirez

After Bunny’s expulsion last Saturday, the Scholars had to face another difficult Probation process. The headmaster, with "the list" once again, made the Scholars brace themselves for the announcement of the Bottom Four. Hansen, Cris, Iñaki and Miguel were the unfortunate ones called to the front of the class. However, Sen was quickly made to sit down for the Mentors chose to save him from probation.

The Scholars had their turn next on choosing who deserves to stay another week inside the Academy. It was a landslide of votes for Cris, who couldn’t help but jump up and down for joy in her heels and gown. "Di ko po inexpect na magugustuhan nila ako," was Cris grateful comment towards her fellow Scholars.

The result of the voting then left best buds Miguel and Iñaki on the probation block. Aside from being close friends, Iñaki felt very sad for he and Miguel will be celebrating their birthdays this week, one after the other. He couldn’t help but cry after the Probation Night for it was his birthday wish to get into the Top 6.

Miguel, on the other hand, took being probee in stride. Being in the Bottom Four five times consecutively, the balladeer would rather think of things positively than bring himself further down.

Now the challenge for this week, not only for the Probationary Scholars, but for the entire class, is to impress the judges this Saturday with their duets with a celebrity. Each Scholar, paired with an ASAP 08 celebrity, must accomplish a duet of stellar standards. Could they pull this performance off? Don’t dare miss Uberture and Pinoy Dream AcademySeason 2 primetime edition this week for more of the Scholars adventures with ASAP 08’s singing stars!

To vote for the Scholar you want to stay in the Academy, text PDA (name of scholar) and send to 2331 (Globe, TM, Sun Cellular) or 231 (Smart, Talk N Text).

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