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Monday, August 11, 2008

On Pinoy Dream Academy: Choosing sides

On Pinoy Dream Academy: Choosing sides

By Patty Ramirez

It was a tense-filled Probations Night last Saturday, as the scores of 8th Gala Night were revealed a few minutes after it was over. Bunny, who got the lowest grade in the midterm exams, was an automatic Probationary Scholar, losing the privilege to be saved by her fellow scholars. Laarni, Sen and Miguel were called to stand beside Bunny for they were part of the Bottom Four. The lass from Sultan Kudarat though had a respite from the probationary status this week after Headmaster Ryan Cayabyab announced that she was being saved by the mentors.

Miguel and Sen, on the other hand had to fight for the Scholars’ votes. It was a pretty predictable voting, that is until it became Cris’ turn to vote. With her closeness to Sen, everyone thought she would be voting for him but instead she chose to save Miguel. At the end of the voting, the tally was both 3 votes a piece, so Mr. C had to refer to the rule that the one saved by the mentors had to decide who the Scholars will save for this week. Laarni, who had a tough time deciding, eventually chose Miguel. Sen was very disappointed at Cris, who told him just a few hours ago that she’s got his back.

Sen started giving Cris the cold treatment and the latter felt that this was the worst night of her stay inside the Academy. Cris couldn’t even savor being part of this week’s Top 3 Scholars for Sen was preoccupying her thoughts. Miguel tried to talk to Sen about it but the Fil-Am was truly down even saying, "Now I know what kind of person she is." Bunny, on the other hand, took the probationary status in stride. She even managed to joke about her performance in front of the other Scholars.

Cris couldn’t stand not being friends with Sen, and finally confronted him about the problem. She apologized profusely to the guy, however the damage was done. "Sobrang sakit…you don’t say one thing then do another. It would have been better if you didn’t say that," Sen explained. "I don’t want to hear your reason, I’ll be fine, I’ll be okay." Cris could not help but just flop on her bed and cry upon hearing those words from her crush. Hansen tried to pacify her and they ended up having a bawl fest. Soon, Sen opened up to Cris on why he feels that way, how he has survived cancer just to fulfill his dreams of becoming a singer. With Sen’s heart to heart talk to Cris, will everything return to the way it was between them?

Meanwhile, Liezel had the time of her life when she performed a duet with Piolo Pascual on ASAP 08. After receiving the highest midterm grades, Liezel’s prize for a job well done was performing on the hit noon time show with her favorite singer. The others, who watched her perform in the Academy living area, where so thrilled for Liezel. Little did they know that they will be meeting another ASAP 08 host later that day. Anne Curtis, who’s the lead star of ABS-CBN’s newest teleserye Dyosa, dropped by the Academy to give them a special party. How did the Scholars react to Anne showing up at their front door? Don’t miss another exciting episode of Pinoy Dream Academy Season 2 tomorrow night right after My Girl.

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