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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

'My Girl' teens bid goodbye; start new show with Boracay taping

'My Girl' teens bid goodbye; start new show with Boracay taping


It's not yet over. Love team Kim Chiu and Gerald Anderson will again grace television screens with their upcoming project with ABS-CBN after taping their final taping day last week for their hit television series "My Girl."

Anderson and Chiu with the other original young stars cast of "My Girl" -- Enchong Dee, Regine Angeles, David Chua and Nina Jose will work again for a show that will be aired weekly before the entertainment show "The Buzz."

The working title of the youngsters' newest show is yet to be revealed.

After ending “My Girl,” the teens are set to leave Manila and fly to Boracay this Wednesday, August 20.

The group will be at the beach to relax, unwind and well, work. The teens will be taping their first episode for their new show while having a splash.

Farewell 'My Girl'

The teen cast experienced mixed emotions at the final taping week of "My Girl". They said they're happy with the success of the show but they are also sad, saying they would really miss all the people they worked with for "My Girl."

“My Girl” is ABS-CBN’s adaptation of the hit Korean drama series of the same title. ABS-CBN aired the original series in 2006 and was known to be the first highly acclaimed adaptation, dubbed in Tagalog, of a Korean drama series or Koreanovela.

“My Girl” is the story of Jasmine, a brave teen who will do everything to make money and a guy name Julian, a cold-hearted person but a loving grandson to his grandfather Greg. Greg is dying and terribly misses his long lost granddaughter Hannah.

Believing that being reunited with Hannah would cure Greg's illness, Julian was forced to hire a girl to pretend to be his long-lost cousin Hannah.

He found Jasmine and they both agreed to lie to save Greg’s life. But Julian and Jasmine developed their feelings for each other. Greg found out the truth and hated Jasmine. He ordered Julian to forget her.

Jasmine ran away from Julian and started a brand new life with her father in Baguio. Although separated, they’re still in love with each other. Will Jasmine and Julian end up together?

To find out watch the most-awaited ending of hit series “My Girl” only on ABS-CBN after “Iisa Pa Lamang.”

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