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Monday, August 18, 2008

Jen's baby 'Patrick na Patrick'

Jen's baby 'Patrick na Patrick'
Jen's baby 'Patrick na Patrick' ...

If Patrick Garcia, now (ma)lingering(?) in the US, still has any doubts that he's the father of his girlfriend Jennylyn "Jen" Mercado's baby, all he has to do is take a look at it - that is, if Jen (still not on speaking terms with Patrick) would let him.

Patrick expressed his doubt on national television early in Jen's pregnancy, causing a rift between them.

The boy, unnamed just yet, is "Patrick na Patrick" according to Jen's manager Becky Aguila. "Mestizong-mestizo. He has red lips like Patrick, nice nose like Patrick and beautiful eyes like Patrick. Guwapong-guwapo. And very healthy."

Jen gave birth to the 8:12-pound baby by Caesarian Section at 8:49 Saturday morning, Aug. 16, at St. Luke's Medical Center, Quezon City.

"She was due to deliver on Aug. 22 yet and she expected to do so the normal way but the baby is too big," added Becky.

In an interview with The STAR last May, Jen said that she had already chosen a name for the boy, and had in fact printed it on a bank account Jen opened for him. "But Jen might have to change the name," said Becky.

Asking for privacy while recuperating, Jen is strong enough to breastfeed the baby. She will do so until she runs out of milk.

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