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Sunday, August 10, 2008

Iya Villania, ready to make peace with Dolly Ann Carvajal

Iya Villania, ready to make peace with Dolly Ann Carvajal

By MJ Felipe

Us Girls host and ASAP mainstay Iya Villania is set to march and get her college diploma from De La Salle University come early next year, with an AB Psychology degree. "It took me four years. I'll be graduating with a degree in bachelor of arts in psychology. Originally, I wanted a business (course) but I ended up in Psych kasi iwas math (subjects). Education has always been an important thing for me. It was something that I promised myself and my family." shared Iya.

Despite her busy schedule, she was able to maintain good scholastic records and was part of the Dean's List for a number of times. She gave credit to her handler for keeping track of her schedule in and out of school. But she admits that it was quite a challenge for her to balance her time and said, "Nahirapan talaga ako. But it was something that I really wanted, so I made sure that it would work."

Her boyfriend, TV host Drew Arellano, who’s a graduate of De La Salle University, played an important role in her college undertakings. "He did encourage me to get in to La Salle. And even if may free time, me when I tell him that I have to study or to do a project, he'd respect me. Okay lang sa kanya, kahit matagal na kaming hindi nagkikita." she said.

Iya is not quite a rumor-magnet, but one big rumor that came out before was about her alleged affair with a man more senior than her in Dolly Ann Carvajal’s column. Feelings got hurt and the two had not met nor settled things straight, but Iya has no qualms of making peace with Dolly. "I say hi to a lot of people who I may not be friends with. With Tita Dolly, whether or not she may be still mad at me, or kung may galit pa siya sa akin, or ewan ko. Of course, I'd still say hi to her. " couldn’t help but ask Iya too about the rumored romance between her good friend and fellow Myx VJ Nikki Gil, and PinoyDreamAcademy host Billy Crawford. A lot of people are saying that there's something special going on between the two, but the international singer was quick to refute and cleared that what they have is just a blossoming friendship. Iya agreed and said, "We are enjoying each other's company. I mean, I enjoy having Billy around. I don't know. As a friend, I've never pictured them kasi in that kind of light. So, I wouldn't know. But as a friend, he's nice to have around."

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