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Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Is Ruffa Gutierrez another devil who wears Prada?

Is Ruffa Gutierrez another devil who wears Prada?

Is Ruffa Gutierrez another devil who wears ...

Daniella Valencia is the most flamboyant and scheming character Ruffa Gutierrez has ever played both in the movies and on TV. Ruffa's Miranda Priestley/The Devil Wears Prada-inspired role is far, far different from her doting mother character on Kokey. Through Daniella, primetime televiewers will see another facet of Ruffa as an actress when ABS-CBN's Betty La Fea premieres soon.

"She is fearless and ambitious," Ruffa describes Daniella, who will head the Fashion House Eco Moda on the TV series. "She is not cut out from Wilhelmina, played by Vanessa Williams, for the US version Ugly Betty (which won for lead star America Ferreira Emmys and Golden Globe awards). She hates ugly people."

In spite of her tendency to become manipulative and mean, Ruffa assures everyone that "Daniella is a kontrabida you will love and emulate. Watch out for her ala The Devil Wears Prada lines." Yes, they are witty one-liners from Meryl Streep.

If ever Ruffa will get sympathy from the public over Bea Alonzo as Betty, it is because the show will explore where Daniella is coming from. It is a toss-up between hating her or loving her.

"I worked my way up (being a model and the head of Eco Moda)," says Ruffa of the stunning, trendy Daniella. "(Suddenly) Armando (enters the picture and) takes the position away from me. I have a painful past. You will know why my character has become the person she is now." Daniella has a sister and she adores her the way Ruffa does with her own siblings and family. Her character is career-oriented and will not allow anyone, not even an ardent admirer, to get in her way to the top.

Is Daniella a dream role for Ruffa? "It was something I wished for," she replies. "I was really thrilled when I learned that I got the part. I hope I could give justice to it."

But what also excites Ruffa about Daniella is her natural fashion flair and the company she keeps.

Given Ruffa's credentials - that of a beauty queen and model, she is perfect, hands down, for the role. Proof was the Betty La Fea poster showing Ruffa in a violet dress spruced up with a fiery red hat and jacket during her pocket presscon. Ruffa's looks seemed like a page out of Vogue. And she could glide and slide the catwalk of Elite Model of the World or Miss World again.

"We're catering to the Filipino designers," says Ruffa of how she will look the part. "I'm also wearing my own clothes and accessories from my jewelry collection."

Ruffa will exude opulence and elegance as she puts her personal stamp on the designs of Kate Torralba, Rajo Laurel, Jun Escario and Avon Fashion and hats by Mitch Dulce. She has also a say on her looks. The beauty queen-actress will hire her own stylist to make every entrance and exit grand and fabulous. It is also a challenge that Ruffa should never be caught wearing the same dress again or else she will get caught by the fashion police.

To get a grip on Daniella, Ruffa recently attended a workshop with Bea and Vhong Navarro. It's her first time to work with them so she took the chance to bond with them. She finds Bea nice and level headed.

Ruffa also watched previous episodes of Betty La Fea and wants her own take on the Colombian character.

JoKer DeTor
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