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Monday, August 4, 2008

'Imoral' Promotional Pictures

'Imoral' Promotional Pictures

A man…

His wife…

His other man…

A different kind of love triangle…

Imoral is the latest film from award-winning filmmaker Adolfo Alix, Jr (maker of the movie Daybreak). Alix is on a roll as he releases yet another intriguing film with morality, monogamy, relationships, and sexuality as running themes.

Fresh from the release of his film Adela, which was the opening film of Cinemalaya 2008, Alix is ready, yet again, to showcase another promising work in Imoral.

“Imoral’s” first cut was screened to a jumpacked crowd during the 2008 Cinemalaya Film Festival last July.

The film revolves around the dynamics of the relationship between a wife, her husband, and his lover — all living under the same roof. Paolo Paraiso, who makes his big transition in the big screen through the film, plays the bisexual taxi driver who divides his time between his lover (played by Arnold Reyes) and his wife (played by Katherine Luna).

Reyes’s character is an engineer who is a nurturing lover to Dante (Paolo Paraiso). Luna’s character is a former waitress who now sells beauty products for a living.

The film deals with different themes that reflect today’s modern society. The three lovers in the film have to fight their own demons while facing the judging eye of the community around them. They are faced with so many questions that only their hearts can answer. Will an open relationship work? Will an open relationship of a woman and his bisexual man work? Is bisexuality real? Is society ready to accept the concept of a homosexuality, bisexuality and hetero-homosexual menage-a-trois? Does money play a bog part in making or breaking a relationship (or in this case, relationships)?

The cast also includes veteran actress Perla Bautista, acclaimed indie actor Kristoffer King, theater actress Adriana Agcaoili and Cherry Madrigal in a very special role.

The film is written by Gerry Gracio (“Santa-Santita”) and directed by Adolfo Alix, Jr.

Imoral is produced by Videoflick Productions Inc.

It opens on August 6 at the IndieSine of Robinson’s Galleria.

JoKer DeTor
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