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Monday, August 4, 2008

First read on Pinoy Fear Factor upgraded

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First read on Pinoy Fear Factor upgraded

By Napoleon Quintos

Get ready to face your greatest fears as Pinoy Fear Factor debuts soon on ABS-CBN. The worldwide franchised show will finally have a version tailored made for Filipino viewers. But shying away from the typical weekly stunt show, Pinoy Fear Factor stretches as a full reality series which will be entirely shot in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Executive Producer Junjun Santiago reveals to during an exclusive interview the new elements to watch out for in Pinoy Fear Factor. "Since this will be a series that will be shown everyday makikita natin dito lahat. We will see what happens to the contestants not just while they are doing the stunts but also before and after the stunts. Malalaman natin yung mga takot nila and televiewers will be able to relate to them." says Direk Junjun.

In PFF, six men and six women will be flown to Argentina where they will stay in a ‘boot camp’ environment for 30 days. They will be facing a series of stunts and challenges that will test their fear to the limit. Those who will fail the task will be eliminated, until one winner emerges to take home the P2 million jackpot prize.

As to why PFF will be shot in Argentina, Direk Junjun explains "There are stunt rigs that are readily available there. The crew is waiting for us to begin shooting soon. They are very well versed with the stunts and with the safety issues. Sanay na rin sila pagdating sa coverage ng show."

Fear Factor is owned by Endemol, the same company behind the Big Brother and Dream Academy franchises. After the successful take of ABS-CBN on PBB and PDA, Endemol graciously granted the Kapamilya network the rights to morph Fear Factor into a full-length reality series. Direk Junjun says that Endemol is very supportive of their plans for PFF. "May mga makikita tayong stunts na nagawa na sa Fear Factor na gagawin din sa PFF, Hollywood in style pero Pinoy ang gagawa. May mga stunts naman na galing din sa South America. They are all safe naman. We are going there to ensure the safety of the stunts." he adds.

Contestants for the first PFF were chosen from the auditions held nationwide. Direk Junjun says that they wanted to primarily showcase how contestants will each conquer their fears. "The contestants came from diverse backgrounds. We believe that the viewers will be able to identify with each one of the contestants. Ang mga Pinoy kasi matatapang by nature. Tinignan lang namin ‘yung contestant kung paano siya mag-react sa fear at paano nila io-overcome yung fear na ‘yun."

Finally, Direk Junjun hopes that PFF will change the face of primetime television. "Pinoy Fear Factor will give us an entertainment value of a reality action-packed show. I believe the Filipinos are ready for this kind of show. Ratings wise maganda naman ‘yung pagtanggap ng mga Pilipino sa Fear Factor."

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