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Monday, August 18, 2008

Dionne reacts against all the unfair accusations against Baron

Dionne reacts against all the unfair accusations against Baron

By Manila P. Santos

Amidst all the issues and intrigues surrounding Baron Geisler lately, one of his biggest pillars of strength is Pinoy Big Brother Season 2 alumni Dionne Monsanto, whom he's been steadily dating for several months now. Currently a full-time student at the University of the Philippines, Dionne finally speaks up about all the issues being thrown at Baron. "I feel very sad, not just for Baron, but for his family and his very close friends as well. Right now I'm very close with his mom, who trusts me very much and I appreciate that trust. It's really sad because people can be very judgmental. What they see on TV, that's what they think is the truth. Its disappointing to know that people just judge based on what's shown on TV and not really make an effort to know not just what the truth is, but to know more about it," she admits.

Dionne admits that Baron has been very mature and handling things well, choosing to focus more on his career than getting bogged down by the accusations against him. "He's taking it pretty well I have to say. His family supports him fully, most especially his mom. His mom is one great mom. She's a strong woman. She's very positive and good-natured," she adds. Although she has not had the opportunity to accompany him to court because of her daily school schedule, Dionne says Baron knows she'll show her support any way she could. "I'm happy to be by his side during all these controversies because he says that I'm a good influence in his life right now. He says na when he's with me, he doesn't drink or think of doing things like that. He doesn't drink as much anymore. He still drinks but that's okay because I also think that when you try to get over a vice, you have to do it gradually. And I believe that he's doing a good job," she stresses.

Although Dionne would rather steer clear of the spotlight when it comes to commenting on the actor’s harassment case, the former Lobo actress shares that the incident has not tested, but in fact strengthened their relationship. "Kasi for me, above everything else, we're friends. And when a friend does something, you're not supposed to judge him. You're supposed to just be there and give him advice. You don't cease to become someone's friend just because he may or may not have done something wrong," she insists. Dionne also trusts Baron this instance because she knows she understands him more than anybody else. "For me, he told me early on, in one of our talks, na I'm not like any other woman and I am special to him. Kaya when I heard what about what happened that night, I wasn't affected. I really didn't believe it," she concludes.

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