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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Desiree: Vhong is getting to know my family

Desiree: Vhong is getting to know my family
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LOPEZ, Quezon -- Things are getting serious for actress Desiree del Valle and her boyfriend Vhong Navarro. In an exclusive interview, Desiree revealed that her grandparents have already met Vhong.

No, the comic didn’t go all the way to Quezon to personally meet Desiree's grandparents, but her lolo and lola went to Manila instead to pay their granddaughter a visit. It so happened that Navarro was around when the del Valles arrived from the province.

“Nakilala na ng mga lolo at lola ko si Vhong. Okay naman ang meeting nila. They talked and exchanged pleasantries,” the versatile actress told over the weekend in the porch of the del Valle house in Manguisian village.

Even Desiree’s cousins have already met Vhong and have become quite chummy with the comedian.

Only Desiree’s mom, Lourdes del Valle Durham, has yet to meet Vhong. Desiree's mom had just arrived from the United States last Friday to celebrate their grandma's birthday.

We asked Lourdes if she approves of Vhong as her future son-in-law but our question seemed to fall on deaf ears. “How come the mother isn’t talking about Vhong?” we wondered.

Lourdes was probably just busy tinkering on her wrist bangles, or trying perhaps to figure out what to say--until finally she replied intriguingly. “Well, I should say no comment.”

We teased Desiree about why we didn’t we see Vhong around. “He has work. He’s very busy,” she explained, adding that her boyfriend is looking forward to visiting their town. One day, she hopes, she'll be able to take Vhong on a tour of their southern rural municipality.

Desiree and her ma are in town to celebrate their matriarch’s birthday. According to their cousins, it’s a tradition for the Durhams to go home to this town celebrate the lola’s important day when they are in the country. Desiree’s dad and her brother are in the US.

She and Lourdes went to hear mass last Sunday at the Holy Rosary Parish Church in the heart of the town but as usual, despite the solemnity of the event, the actress’ attendance naturally created a buzz.

After the celebration of the sacrament, Desiree walked quietly out of the church and proceeded to her car parked at the patio. Outside, her kababayans nonetheless couldn’t contain their admiration of her so they called out her name, to which Desiree responded with a wave and a smile.

She is expected to return to Manila on Thursday.

The house of her grandparents is surrounded by vegetable patches, blooms and fruits trees, something that Desiree appreciates because the abundance of frutis and vegetables allows her to practice her culinary skills. “I cook when I'm here,” she said as she picked camote tops to mix with her cooking.

The del Valle house, interestingly, is reminiscent of the setting of Desiree's old show in ABS-CBN, the afternoon teen drama “Tabing Ilog,” aired years ago: their place is near a creek that runs along idle railroad tracks.

Desiree's grandpa used to be an employee of the Philippine National Railways when the trains to Bicol were in much better shape.

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