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Sunday, August 10, 2008

Cristine Reyes Boob Cage in Full View

Cristine Reyes Boob Cage in Full View

I'm not sure from what movie or teleserye or photoshoot these photos were taken. But one thing is for sure, Cristine Reyes Boob Cage is in full view. You could even make out the outline of his ribs.

Is that how whitey she is? She should've been the most qualified endorser of Glutathione compared to the current endorsers like Loren Legarda. Oh well, let's just enjoy the photos, should we.

2 more Cristine Reyes super white, shooting babe inside.

JoKer DeTor
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nullstring said...

naks, gluta girl pala xa eh

Anonymous said...

wtf ang sarap mo talaga christine..damn!one night lng su2litin tlga kita..pati butas ng pwet mo di2laan ko..lahat ng style ga2win ko sayo..tsaka kita pu2tukan sa muka at bibig..uhmmmmm... - sex-angel