Ano ang mas pinapanood ninyo?

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

also an image model of Folded & Hung and in one of his ads for the Filipino clothing line, he was modeling underwear and you know what goes next with it, whatelse but a Polo Ravales bulge. lol. Polo Ravales is always been this fit and muscled hunk in Philippine showbiz. Polo Ravales also stars in the Yasmien Kurdi and JC De Vera starrer, “Loving You” with rumored sweetheart Jean Garcia, very much older than him, shades of Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore ang drama! Up to now, they have been very vaue about their relationship though eventhough it has been really obvious on their actions and pronouncements. So much for that and just enjoy Polo Ravales below!’s JC De Vera whom the fashion industry should get for a sexy pictorial next, i bet you it will be a hit. Polo Ravales hot Polo Ravavles and unknown girl model Polo Ravales bulge Polo Ravales ravishing


JoKer DeTor
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