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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Will the real Joem Bascon please stand up?

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Will the real Joem Bascon please stand up?

Joem Bascon

JOEM BASCON: ‘To be compared with Piolo and Sam is really flattering especially when I was just starting, but I want now to be known as myself, as Joem Bascon, to finally have my own identity.’

Look left and he looks like Sam Milby. To the right and you’ll do a double take and think you’re seeing Piolo Pascual. At his Edsa billboard for Folded and Hung’s Illegally Low jeans, I first thought it was Manny Pacquiao. So will the real Joem Bascon please stand up?

Starting out in a TV station looking like the network’s biggest male star can work for you. For Joem Bascon, it was a good starting point which led to roles in various shows. After some time doing the regular cutesy boy-next-door roles, his handlers decided to make him go more offbeat and tackle more challenging roles. The same chameleon-like quality that gave him all the comparisons to the above-mentioned actors may just be his competitive advantage. He is working towards being shadow no more.

You may have seen Joem in films such as “All About Love” and “Batanes” with Iza Calzado. Early on in his career, people were quick to tag him as “the next big thing.” Soon, he’ll be working on Adolf Alix’s new film starring Lao-Australian Anada Cunningham (last seen in Shutter).

His larger-than-life F&H billboard has been traffic-stopping, with his wet body in a blue haze complementing the rainy skies that seem to envelope EDSA as of late. With this, the trendsetting jeans brand has catapulted a former look-alike into a new sex symbol. In time, will the tables turn and the statement become, “Oh, there’s the guy who looks like Joem Bascon?”

Please cite a moment when people thought you were Piolo or Sam?
There were so many times in the past and even up to now when people thought I was Piolo or Sam, especially when I’m in ABS-CBN compound and pass through a crowd, people would say, “Si Piolo ba yun?” or, “Si Sam yun diba?” I just give them a smile every time I encounter that.

How do you feel when you’re compared to Piolo Pascual and Sam Milby because of your looks?
To be compared with Piolo and Sam is really flattering especially when I was just starting, but I want now to be known as myself, as Joem Bascon, to finally have my own identity.

What makes you different from them?
I think I’m 100-percent pure Pinoy, Piolo and Sam have both foreign blood, right? And I’m quite shy compared to them (laughs). I guess every person is really different from each other. I really don’t know what makes me different from them….I just know that I am who and what I am because of my family and the close people I have around me.

When you first saw your Folded and Hung billboard, what was your reaction?
I cant believe it, it was an unexplainable feeling. I never thought I could have as huge a billboard as that of F&H in the middle of Guadalupe.

You shot the campaign in a bathhouse. How was that?
I was very nervous at the start because it was dark in there and the place was huge and full of corners everywhere…In time, because the crew from the pictorial and the folded and hung people were so helpful and kind to me I felt comfortable after the first lay-out.

How do you keep in shape?
I go to the gym every week now because of busy schedules. I make it a point to work out or box whenever I can. And of course I try to watch my diet and eat healthy foods.

Did you always dream of being an actor?
No, it was my dream to be a basketball player, a PBA player.

What has been the most challenging thing you’ve done so far?
The celebrity boxing competition was very challenging because I had to learn how to professionally box. And also ever time I get a role to portray, be it on TV or movie, I take it as a most challenging thing for me.And of course the photo shoot for the billboard of Folded and Hung because of the trust and the great opportunity that they put on me.

How far are you willing to go to make it in your career?
While I’m still young, I’m willing to try everything for as long as I know it won’t hurt anyone, especially my family. Well, I am here now and I’ve been blessed with this opportunity. Not everyone is given this blessing. I am a disciplined person, so whenever I focus on something I make sure that I give my best always.

I want to go beyond: Someone known for having a pretty face or a great body… I want to be known as a very good actor and a person who is dedicated to his work and who is dependable.

I want people to see me as… someone who is really an ordinary person with an extraordinary blessing. Someone who is always doing his best in everything he does.

Style is… being comfortable and confident in how you carry and project yourself.

You can watch me… in Betty La Fea on ABS-CBN and in all F&H stores nationwide.

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