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Monday, July 14, 2008

UAAP Hoop Heartthrob: DLSU's JOSHUA WEBB

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UAAP Hoop Heartthrob: DLSU's JOSHUA WEBB
Joshua Webb
1st Year Sports Management
Small/Power Forward, DLSU Green Archers

Joshua was one of the star players that led the La Salle Zobel high school team to a championship finish last year. Now he's hoping to apply his skills to the college ball league. "The transition hasn't been easy, I can tell you that right now," he admits. "In high school, let's just say I was okay. But when you get to the seniors level, you're back to square one." Still he won't let the fact that he's a rookie stop him from doing what he can to contribute. "We can go all the way again. We came from a season wherein we were the underdogs and we proved everyone wrong, and we just want to do the same thing this year. Everyone's pushing each other in practice and there's not a lot of goofing around - it's just all business."

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