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Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Sam Milby talks about the ‘Dyosa’ in his life

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Sam Milby talks about the ‘Dyosa’ in his life

By MJ Felipe

Now that their relationship is out in the open, Anne Curtis and Sam Milby have been seen together in public more often, even appearing on the red carpet at the Star Magic Ball. caught up with hot celebrity couple and chatted with the two about dating and their upcoming fantaserye, Dyosa.

"I'm just very thankful that pinagkatiwalaan sa akin yung project," shared Anne, who also expressed how she loves the different characters she's portraying; she plays a mermaid, a bird, and a centaur in the fantaserye. When asked which one was her favorite, she replied, "It's really hard to choose but I enjoy the mermaid. I enjoy the bird. But I'd have to say the centaur is the hardest, pinakamahirap. Pero lahat naman yun enjoyable because it's something that I haven't tried before."

Her real-life beau, Sam Milby, also appears in Dyosa as one of her leading men. "I'm playing a half-beast, half-man. Parang ganyan. It's a different role and there's a lot of first time [experiences for me]. I'm working with Direk Wenn (Deramas), who is so much fun to work with and it’s the first time na I'm doing fantaserye," Sam said.

But the Dyosa production staff revealed to that Sam is having problems wearing the prosthetics which is crucial to his character. "Traumatized ako, galing sa My Big Love. It wasn't like it was bad stuff, but when you wear it for so long… like there was a day I wore it 19 hours straight. The last couple of days I was wearing it (the prosthetics), I was like, ‘Oh please, no more.' Buti naman, for this one it's just going to be on my forehead," he explained.

If Sam is having problems dealing with his prosthetics, the couple revealed that co-star Luis Manzano is having it twice as tough. Luis plays a merman and his prosthetics covers his entire body and takes at least three hours to put on. "You just have to have a lot of patience kasi mahirap. And I think I speak for a lot of us," shared Anne. Anne also told that Dyosa is her most challenging project to date. "I would have to say that this would be my biggest break. Because, I'm Dyosa! And I love it."

It was nearly a year ago that Sam and Anne had a falling out during the first Star Magic Ball. Having gone to the second Star Magic Ball as a couple last June 29, what has changed about their relationship? "We're still in this dating stage: exclusively dating. May stages of course, and just for the record, we are just really happy and that's all that matters. What you see is what you get. Kung ano man yun, yun na yun," ended Anne.

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