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Monday, July 14, 2008

NCAA Courtside Cutie: Letran's REY GUEVARRA

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NCAA Courtside Cutie: Letran's REY GUEVARRA

Rey Guevarra
4th Year Business Management
Guard-Forward, Letran Knights

Rey Guevarra who plays Guard-Forward for the Letran Knights has his sights for this year's NCAA championship. "It hurts last season," he admits looking back on the Letran's championship bid last year. "To have come so close and not take it was hard, but it made our team refocus and train harder and this year we want to go all the way." As a matter of fact, Guevarra and the rest of the Letran Knights began training almost immediately after last season's close. "We are really going to do our best this season," Guevarra says. "The Letran Knights are going to train harder, and work harder. We've got our eye on the prize."

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