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Monday, July 28, 2008

Fresh as the morning dew

Fresh as the morning dew

Fresh as the morning dew ...

Even Kristine Hermosa admits she needs some maintenance to keep her looking fresh. With her reputation at stake, Kristine needs to be careful in choosing a cosmetic clinic that will enhance her beauty.

Kristine knows fully well that not all cosmetic clinics are created equal. Some are simply better than the rest like Aescultura, a cosmetic clinic that's born out of the brilliant minds of doctors who want to change people's lives by making them more beautiful.

It is for this reason that Kristine has put her trust on the team of doctors from Aescultura who are masters in the art of bringing out your inner beauty.

"I've visited other clinics before, but it is also only with Aescultura that I am truly confident that I'll be treated well because they focus on your needs and make sure that are met," Kristine proudly shared during the signing of her contract as a celebrity endorser for the premier beauty clinic. Kristine considers Aescultura (Future Point Plaza One, 112 Pasay Ave., South Triangle, Quezon City) as a preferred pit stop whenever she needs a refresher.

Aescultura started as a brilliant idea among doctors who have a common interest of changing people's lives by making them more beautiful. The circle of cosmetic and plastic surgeons believe they have successfully blended the art and science of cosmetic surgery. Their aesthetic skills combined with their medical proficiency and state-of-the-art medical facility make them a force to reckon with in this fast-growing industry.

But what Aescultura does is more than just give you a face lift. In all their work, they make sure that a client's natural and inner beauty shines through.

The men and women behind the trusted beauty sculpting center have made in their noble mission to enhance the appearance of every face and body entrusted to their expert hands without compromising their natural beauty.

"We help out clients achieve a natural look; not the 'operated on' look," Dr. Francis Decangchon, medical-surgical director of Aescultura, said. An "operated-on" look does not look desirable as it makes a client's face look too stiff or artificial, which damages the natural beauty that lies within.

The beauty sculptors of Aescultura make sure that every enhancement they make will fit the face structure of the client. During consultations, they enlighten their clients on the best option for looking good.

Yes, a natural looking nose that has been surgically altered, instead of the very obvious nose job look of yesteryears, can now be achieved. Another good news is that with modern methods, most surgeries can be done as a day case under a twilight anesthetic.

"For many procedures that we do, you no longer have to hide for weeks just to wait for the scars to heal," Dr. Decangchon said.

Aescultura also boasts of using the best technology available. Dr. Decangchon said that their cosmetic clinics use top-of-the-line equipment like the Spectra SP that allows for higher precision and char-free surgery, the Light Sheer that erases unwanted hair in a zap, and the Fraxel that improves deep acne scars. These machines are considered the gold standard in the industry.

Because these doctors have been in practice for several years now, they very well understand the needs of their clients, especially when it comes to privacy.

"We value our client's privacy," Dr. Decangchon shared. "Unlike other cosmetic clinics, we have back gates that our clients can use should they wish to. Most of our clients enjoy the privacy they get in our well-laid out clinic."

Aescultura also takes pride of the professional and well-trained staff and doctors. Aside from being courteous to its clients, these people regularly attend workshops abroad to be updated on the latest trends in cosmetic and plastic surgery.

"We are conscious of our track record," Dr. Rea Flores-Trinidad, minimally invasive cosmetic surgeon and liposuction specialist of Aescultura, said "We make sure that every procedure is done following the highest standards."

But Dr. Decangchon insisted that "in the end, real beauty is achieved when you are at peace with yourself."

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