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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Exclusive: Gaby dela Merced’s new man

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Exclusive: Gaby dela Merced’s new man

By Manila P. Santos

While prepping to become the latest Studio 23 VJ, Gaby Dela Merced has finally found time to indulge in her other passions in life aside from racing. Lately, the former Pinoy Big Brother Celebrity Edition housemate’sweekends have been packed with regular tournaments in Ultimate Frisbee and flag football. In was in the latter sport where she caught the eye of the guy she’s currently been seeing.

Although Gaby doesn’t want to elaborate on how serious the relationship is, she stresses that neither of them are seeing anybody else at the moment. The mystery man is a Fil-American basketball player who has been based in the country for the past five years and was a one-time model for an energy drink. It reportedly took the guy three or more attempts before Gaby would even consider going out with him. But the persistence paid off because they now look like the picture perfect couple both on and off the playing field. “Right now, we’re enjoying each other’s company,” Gaby admits.

Being a private person, Gaby admits that she would rather keep his identity a secret, but the PBB Racing Goddess stresses that she isn’t hiding him either. For the past few weeks, the two have been seen out in public often, with a closeness that doesn’t make it hard to guess that love is definitely in the air. “He makes my world more colorful,” Gaby shares. Apart from having the approval of her mom, the guy also gets along with Gaby’s close friends who say, “Iba siya. He’s really nice.”

Aside from playing in the same flag football team as Gaby, the guy has also been seen escorting Gaby to her races in Subic and Batangas—the picture of the perfect boyfriend. Gaby, in turn, also makes sure to catch his basketball games whenever she can. “Basically, we’re slowly getting into each other’s lives,” she offers. The guy also admits that it was Gaby who got him into trying out new things like Capoeira and Ultimate Frisbee. But for Gaby, one of the best things about him is that, “He lets me drive,” she says with a mischievous smile.

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