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Sunday, July 20, 2008


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TWO MONTHS away from finals night on Sept. 13, Chivas Malunda of Dumaguete and Sheng Belmonte of Manila were expelled from 'Pinoy Dream Academy.' They didn't exit with heavy hearts, however. Or so they claim.

Chivas and Sheng are bent on pushing their careers in Manila. He has decided to move into the big city from Tanjay in Negros Oriental, along with his wife Bunny, herself a PDA scholar, and a 3-year-old son. She's putting on halt tours with her band abroad to focus on making it as a solo act.

Sheng plays four nights a week at comedy clubs in Quezon City, among them Punchline, Metro Bar, Laffline. The 25-year old communication dropout from Centro Escolar says she's training to be a comedian on the side. 'Para mas maraming trabaho,' she explains.

Comedy, according to Sheng, can be learned. 'I just watch the gay comedians that I work with,' she says. She thinks her occasional weirdness makes for good comedy. 'They tell me my beign weird can be mined as a source of comedy.'

On the other hand, Chivas, who made a career out of crying and crying while inside the PDA house, is told all that tear-shedding may in preparation for a companion career in acting. Chivas admits he wants to branch out from singing to acting. 'I want to be a total perfomer,' he says.

Twenty-two year old Chivas is an accidental PDA scholar. He accompanied his wife to the auditions in Dumaguete, but was prevailed upon to give it a try. He was accepted, but, suffered from bouts with asthma inside the house. Aside from his singing talent, Chivas is best remembered inside the PDA house for hyper-ventillating all the time.

Twelve aspiring singers, including Chivas' wife, Bunny, are left competing in 'Pinoy Dream Academy.' Earlier, Jet Singh and Ross Dio made voluntary exits from the academy that promised stardom to young people with the gift of song.

Nestor Cuartero, Tempo

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