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Thursday, July 10, 2008

Ces, Angelo and Jimmy tell all in "Kidnap" documentary on ABS-CBN

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Ces, Angelo and Jimmy tell all in "Kidnap" documentary on ABS-CBN

You've seen the news coverage, but do you know the REAL story?

For the first time on Philippine television, ABS-CBN Senior Correspondent Ces Drilon, cameraman Jimmy Encarnacion, and assistant cameraman Angelo Valderama finally recount what happened in the nine days they were held captive by armed men in Sulu in ABS-CBN’s special documentary "Kidnap," airing Sunday July 13th.

Listen to their differing perspectives, three narratives pieced together into one storyline supported by footage shot by Encarnacion in captivity—at great risk to his life.

"Kidnap" also lets Valderama narrate what went through his mind while his kidnappers demonstrated to him just how he would be beheaded, lets Encarnacion relate how "Ma'am Ces" offered her life in exchange for his, and lets Drilon describe just how it feels to realize that no story is worth a life.

"This is the toughest trial I’ve ever had," said Drilon, who described her life in captivity as "wretched" and "horrible."

Drilon’s team and their guide were kidnapped on June 8 in Indanan, Sulu as they were on their way to do an interview. By daybreak the following day, they realized they had been kidnapped.

This is a documentary about recklessness and violence, about spirits that will not be broken by the barrel of a gun, about brotherhood, about family, about choices, about fear, and about just what it means—to have courage. This is their story.

"Kidnap," directed by award-winning Indie film director Paolo Villaluna (Selda, Ilusyon) and produced by Patricia Evangelista, airs Sunday (July 13), 10:05 PM in "Sunday’s Best" on ABS-CBN.

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