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Monday, July 21, 2008

Aga Muhlach reveals his painful past

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Aga Muhlach reveals his painful past

By Len Ramos Llanes

Nobody can deny that Aga Muhlach is enjoying an almost perfect life these days. At an age where most of his contemporaries would be considered has-beens, Morning (as he is fondly called by close friends) is still on top of his game. He is still very much in-demand as a leading man, even being paired up with much younger Kapamilya stars. He’s also one of the country’s top male celebrity endorsers. Plus he’s happily married to Charlene Gonzales and they enjoy raising their twins Atasha and Andres together.

But in an interview with, Aga confessed that he would not have reached this stage in life had it not been for the "pains" he went through. One of the most painful things he experienced last year was the death of his mom Anita Aquino who lost her long battle with cancer.

A close friend revealed to ABS-CBN. com, "Alam mo bang kamuntik ng bumigay ng husto si Aga nuong mamatay ang mommy niya? He would do anything just to make his mom happy when she was still alive. He wanted to take her on his trips aboard, pero si Anita ang tumatanggi. Simple lang kasi ang buhay na gusto nito. Kahit magbihis hindi siya magarbo. She is very pretty pero ‘di siya posturyosa just like some moms of our showbiz celebrities [at the time]."

His mom Anita had previously revealed how Aga was like growing up. "Our family didn’t have much during Aga’s early childhood. We [just] lived in an apartment near Boni Avenue. Wala siyang mamahaling laruan. Alam mo bang contented na yan maglaro sa canal malapit sa bahay namin at gumawa ng bangka-bangka?At nilalaro niya ang mga isda duon. Mababaw lang ang kaligayahan niyan."

At the age of eight, he became fond of basketball. According to his mom, "Most of his playmates were much older than he was. Kaya ginagawa lang siyang water boy. Still he was happy with that."

He studied high school at Aquinas, and just like any ordinary student, commuted by jeep to school. His mom took pride in the fact that among her three children (the others being are Albert and Arlene), Aga was the only one who never got a spanking from their Dad. Cheng Muhlach, Aga’s father, confirmed this. "’Pag papaluin ko na kasi yan, oras na makita ko ang mukha na nakangiti habang nakatingin sa akin, naawa ako and then I don’t have the strength to lay a hand on him."

Unbelievably, Aga who was and is still a heartthrob had his share of disappointments in matters of the heart. "I don’t usually initiate the breakup," the actor revealed. Like in the case of Dayanara Torres who left Aga for an internationally-known singer. Aga also almost fell in love with Regine Velasquez with whom he was doing a movie at the time.

As an actor, Aga admits to "falling in love" with his leading ladies. "But I am aware of my status in life. When you do a movie, most especially with a beautiful leading lady, siyempre may kilig ka. Kung wala akong asawa puwedeng alagaan ko ang feeling na yan. You can’t take it away from us guys. Siyempre naa-attract pa rin kami. One thing I do is I don’t crossover. Pagdating ng bahay ‘di ko itinatanong yung asawa ko [if she is jealous]. Mas madaldal naman kasi ako kesa kay Charlene."

Aga says that Charlene is one of the best things that happened in his life. "Meron kaming time lagi for each other. I have time for her and she has time for me. Actually, she is my guardian angel." At the time of the interview, Charlene was looking for a good school for both Andres and Atasha, trying to choose between the British and the International School. Although he never finished schooling himself, Aga is a firm believer in getting a good education, especially for his kids. "I don’t think they will inherit money from me. I will spend it while I am still alive. I am willing to finance their education no matter how expensive it is. Importante sa akin yan. By the time they are grown ups, the competition would be so stiff. They need to be fully prepared to face the crisis."

On growing older, Aga says, "Sabi nila life begins at 40. I am 38 and I am looking forward to my being 50. Age is just numbers. What is important is one takes care of himself. ‘Pag bobotyog botyog ang katawan mo, mahihiya ka. Mawawala ang self-confidence mo… I would like to be an actor kahit maging kasingtanda ko na si Eddie Garcia. I won’t try to pretend I am still young. I will look my age. I will be what I am."

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