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Wednesday, July 9, 2008

ABS-CBN: There’s no ban on Cristine Reyes

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ABS-CBN: There’s no ban on Cristine Reyes

By MJ Felipe

Cristine Reyes is in the spotlight once again, this time for allegedly being banned from ABS-CBN talk shows. The Eva Fonda star had just reconciled with sister Ara Mina when the banned issue popped up.

The rumors began when Cristine was formally presented to advertisers during the Kapamilya Trade Fair Launch as the star of the upcoming sexy-serye, Eva Fonda, 16 last July 1. After her much-talked about performance, the staff of The Buzz and Entertainment Live asked Cristine about her role and experience while doing the soap. Then all of a sudden, Cristine walked out of the interview and ran to her dressing room, crying.

Sources told us that Direk Bobot Mortiz and his son Frasco, who happens to be the line producer of the soap, went to Cristine and asked her what happened. Apparently, Cristine was offended by the questions being asked, specifically about the issue that she was a prima donna on the set. talked to Eva Fonda Production Manager Cynthia Jordan who clarified that Cristine did not walk out from the interview. Cristine had bee n told prior to facing the cameras that the questions would only revolve around the series. But during the interview, one question after another went off topic, questions that Cristine did not want to answer. When the interview was over, Cristine went back to the dressing room where she did cry and sought some privacy.

Production Manager Jordan then called the executive producers of The Buzz and Entertainment Live to discuss what had happened. The segment producers of the two shows were summoned to explain what happened and what questions were asked. The staff of I and Entertainment Live later apologized to Cristine for what transpired.

Jordan also debunked the prima donna issue about Cristine. She narrated that Cristine would even arrive on the set earlier than the staff. "Kung ang call time namin ay 5 am, darating siya 4:30 am. Napaka-walang reklamo. Sabuyan mo ng putik sa mukha, pasuotin mo ng ganito dahil called for sa script, gagawin niya,”Jordan explained.

The rumor about Cristine being banned from talk shows soon surfaced after the incident, prompting to seek confirmation from The Buzz and Entertainment Live's Business Unit Head Lui Andrada. Andrada denied the report, declaring it as pure gossip. In fact, people can expect Cristine to make an appearance on these shows as she promotes Eva Fonda soon.

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